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All frequencies on this page are in kHz unless otherwise stated. There are two AM broadcast bands - long wave and medium wave. All AM stations in the UK broadcast in mono only.

Long Wave

The long wave band stretches from 145 to 290 kHz.

198 BBC Radio 4 BBC, national
Broadcasting House, LONDON, W1A 1AA
Tel +44 20 7580 4468, Fax +44 20 7636 9786
[BBC Radio 4 graphic]

Broadcasts the same programme as the FM version, with one or some minor exceptions. One of the most notable exceptions is the cricket commentary during test matches - the ever popular Test Match Special. This frequency is (theoretically at least) available throughout the country. For more details, see the 93.5 MHz FM entry.

252 Atlantic Independent, national
74 Newman Street, LONDON, W1P 3LA
Tel +44 20 7637 5252, Fax +44 20 7637 3925
[Atlantic graphic]

In my opinion, the awful reception that is inherent at this frequency makes the station difficult to listen to. In 1998 Altlantic 252 changed its format from a safe pop mix to a more trendy underground sound featuring new bands.

Medium Wave

The medium wave band covers 530 to 1610 kHz - channel spacing 9 kHz.

558 Spectrum International Radio Independent, local
International Radio Centre, 204/206 Queenstown Road, LONDON, SW8 3NR
Tel +44 20 7627 4433, Fax +44 20 7627 3409

Multi-ethnic programming. Includes news in different languages (Italian, for one). On air 25 June 1990.

630 BBC Three Counties BBC, local

See 103.8 MHz FM entry.

648 BBC World Service BBC, (inter)national
Listen live (requires Real Audio Player)
Bush House, Strand, LONDON, WC2B 4PH
Tel +44 20 7240 3456, Fax +44 20 7557 1258
[BBC World Service graphic]

World news from the BBC in London. Slight alterations from the standard English language World Service output. Web site has live audio. Also broadcasts on 6.195 and 9.41 MHz on the short wave band in this region, and many other shortwave frequencies world-wide.

720 BBC Radio 4 BBC, local (on this frequency)
Broadcasting House, LONDON, W1A 1AA
Tel +44 20 7580 4468, Fax +44 20 7636 9786
[BBC Radio 4 graphic]

See the 93.5 MHz FM service for details. This frequency (London only) carries the long wave service.

765 BBC Essex BBC, local

See 103.5 MHz FM entry.

828 Classic Gold Independent, local
Chiltern Road, DUNSTABLE, LU6 1HQ
Tel +44 1582 676200, Fax +44 1582 676251

Not a London station, but from Luton so you will hear it in North London. Golden oldie hits, one of many AM stations owned by GWR which have the same title (Classic Gold) and format. Interesting. Not.

909 BBC Radio 5 Live BBC, national
Listen live (requires Real Audio Player)
Broadcasting House, LONDON, W1A 1AA
Tel +44 20 7580 4468, Fax +44 20 7636 9786
[BBC Radio 5 graphic]

Has developed a very good reputation for sport, news and phone-ins. Great coverage of the Wimbledon tennis championships for example. You might also pick it up on 693. Live audio web link features programmes that do not feature live sport - the BBC do not have rights to web-cast live most sports. Listen live link for slow connections.

963 Liberty Radio Independent, local
7th Floor, Trevor House, 100 Brompton Road, LONDON, SW3 1ER
Tel +44 20 7225 6755, Fax +44 20 7225 6725
[Liberty Radio graphic]

"More tunes, more chat, more fun." Adult oriented music and chat, this station has a friendly and fun sound. "The Tobester" (Toby Anstis) is cheerful genuinely interesting to listen to in the mornings and Claire Ashford was a great sounding natural entertainer in the evenings, before she got moved to daytime. London's best AM station we reckon. Certainly its most original, avoiding a lot of the cliches than AM radio is often saddled with. Renamed in 1997; used to be Viva. This is the eastern London transmitter. In 1999(?) they obtained a second transmitter, 972, serving West London. Typical music - 70's and 80's, e.g. ABBA, Pet Shop Boys. Website currently unavailable (September 2001).

972 Liberty Radio Independent, local

West London transmitter. See 963 entry above.

1035 Ritz Independent, local
33-35 Wembley Hill Road, Wembley, HA9 8RT
Tel +44 20 8733 1300, Fax +44 20 8733 1393
[Ritz graphic]

Country music. On air 1 September 1994. Used to be called RTL Country until early 2000, now owned by Ritz Music Group.

1089 talkSPORT Independent, national
Listen live (requires Microsoft Media Player)
PO Box 1089, LONDON, W1A 1PP
Tel +44 20 7636 1089, Fax +44 20 7636 1053
[talkSPORT graphic]

Sports talk including phone-in shows. Talk Radio, its predecessor, was launched on 14 February 1995. Purchased by Kelvin MacKenzie (with the backing of News International) in late 1998. Big staff changes then were unpopular and the station became talkSPORT ("the UK's first national sports radio station") in early 2000(?). Tommy Boyd was sacked, he went to LBC, the next station up the dial and now appears to be back again. Includes James Whale in the evenings. Back in early 1999 we were saying "the station now seems to feature an annoyingly large amount of football coverage." We were right! talkSPORT also broadcasts on some other AM frequencies in other parts of the country.

1152 LBC News Independent, local
Listen live (requires Microsoft Media Player)
The Chrysalis Building, Bramley Road, LONDON, W10 6SP
Tel +44 20 7314 7300, Fax +44 20 7314 7322
[LBC News graphic]

Rolling news, weather and traffic station. Sister station to LBC 97.3 FM. Headline news every fifteen minutes (00, 15, 30 & 45 past the hour), weather, traffic and travel every ten minutes (01, 11, 21, 31, 41, 51 past the hour - "on the ones"), business news twice an hour (14 & 44 past the hour weekdays) and sports news every 30 minutes (23 & 52 past the hour). Chrysalis acquired the station and re-launched it (and it's sister 97.3 FM) on 6 January 2003.

1215 Virgin Independent, national

The national frequency for the station broadcasting on 105.8 MHz FM in London. See that entry on the FM page for more details, including a live audio link.

1242 Capital Gold Kent Independent, local

Based in Kent, so you may receive this in eastern parts of the capital. See sister station on 103.1 MHz FM. Address details the same. This used to be Invicta Supergold. It's part of the Capital Radio plc group. In a controversial move in 1999, Capital started broadcasting roughly the same programme as the original London Capital Gold on this frequency. Also broadcasts on 603.

1305 Premier Radio Independent, local
Listen live (requires Real Audio Player)
Glan House, Stag Place, LONDON, SW1E 5AG
Tel +44 20 7233 6705, Fax +44 20 7233 6706
[Premier graphic]

Christian radio. Religious worship, news, arts, gospel music, quizzes etc. Serves North and South London, first broadcast on 10 June 1995. Also available on 1332 (central London) and 1413 (East and West London).

1332 Premier Radio Independent, local

Christian radio, central London transmitter. See the 1305 entry.

1368 BBC Southern Counties Radio BBC, local

See the FM entry at 104.6 MHz.

1413 Premier Radio Independent, local

Christian radio, east and west London transmitter. See the 1305 entry.

1458 Sunrise Radio Independent, local
Sunrise House, Sunrise Road, SOUTHALL, UB2 4AU
Tel +44 181 574 6666, Fax +44 181 813 9800
[Sunrise Radio graphic]

Asian radio. On air 5 November 1989.

1548 Capital Gold (London) Independent, local
Listen live (requires Real Audio Player)
Bush House, Strand, LONDON, WC2B 4PH
Tel +44 20 7240 3456, Fax +44 20 7557 1258
[Capital Gold graphic]

Classic hits, sister of Capital FM (95.8 MHz) - see that for more details. Good sports coverage, of London football for example. Networked to many Capital Group AM stations. Tony Blackburn chairs the evening drive programme from 4-7pm.

1521 Fame Independent, local
  [Fame graphic]

Local music radio for Sussex and Surrey, you may hear it to the SW of central London. Sister station is Mercury FM, on 102.7 MHz FM, see that entry for more details.

1566 County Sound Radio Independent, local
Dolphin House, North Street, GUILDFORD, GU1 4AA
Tel +44 1483 306156, Tel +44 1483 531612
[County Sound graphic]

Not aimed at London; from Guildford; you should hear it in South-West London. Good mix of music (not the latest chart stuff) and local news. Part of the UKRD group. Used to broadcast on 1476 until some time in 2001.

1584 London Turkish Radio Independent, local
185b High Road, Wood Green, LONDON, N22 6BA
Tel +44 20 8881 0606, Fax +44 20 8881 5151

Programmes for the Turkish community.

London Radio Stations - AM Stations

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